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The switchcraft podcast is brought to you by Jana Kemmer, local at the AsiBerlin Shop. I interview a new guest every other week.


The latest Episodes

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Episode 38 – Interview with Paolo from Axe Ramps

Episode 37 – Interview with Tobias Phieler

Episode 36 – Interview with Thom McInally

Episode 35 – Interview with Manu Oberle

Episode 34 – Interview with OGs from the Australian scene

Episode 33 – Interview with Burt from Five Luck

Episode 32 – Interview with Nico Frank

Episode 31 – Interview with Angga Panda from Papanjari

Episode 30 – Interview with Timo “TKY” Kranz, owner of the ASI Berlin shop

Episode 29 – Interview with Chris Hennemann from Harz4 Wheels

Episode 28 – Interview with Benny from Goodvibes FB

Episode 27 – Interview with James aka Slim Benzene

Episode 26 – Interview with Mallory Curtis, owner of Unique Decks

Episode 25 – Interview with Ramon Angelow

Episode 24 – Interview with Wannes of Stoned Obstacles

Episode 23 – Interview with Loz, founder of Flint

Episode 22 – Interview with Martin Ehrenberger, founder of blackriver

Episode 21 – Interview with Andrew Hill, Creator of Otcho Magazine

Episode 20 – Interview with Jospe of Fingercan

Episode 19 – Interview with Olli and Tom from the Fingerboard Popcast

Episode 18 – Interview with Benh Dulac, aka FingeredBenh

Episode 17 – Interview with Evan aka Ouas

Episode 16 – Interview with Annie Yan, Creator of Femblance

Episode 15 – Interview with Ryan Bernier from Loft

Episode 14 – Trends and former Friends

Episode 13 – Interview with Katha from FBS

Episode 12 – Whatya Buyin?

Episode 11 – Keep it simple

Episode 10 – The Shade, the shade of it all

Episode 9 – We’re all Sorry

Episode 8 – Interview with Mike Schneider

Episode 7 – What the truck?

Episode 6 – News from Vous

Episode 5 – The OGs

Episode 4 with OnkelUrban

Episode 3 with Julian Buono

Episode 2 – Talking OldSchool

Episode 1 – A new … podcast


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