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The switchcraft podcast is brought to you by Julian Buono and Jana Kemmer, both locals at the AsiBerlin Shop. We cover current fingerboarding topics and everything related to fingerboarding.


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Episode 17 – Interview with Evan aka Ouas

Episode 16 – Interview with Annie Yan, Creator of Femblance

Episode 15 – Interview with Ryan Bernier from Loft

Episode 14 – Trends and former Friends

Episode 13 – Interview with Katha from FBS

Episode 12 – Whatya Buyin?

Episode 11 – Keep it simple

Episode 10 – The Shade, the shade of it all

Episode 9 – We’re all Sorry

Episode 8 – Interview with Mike Schneider

Episode 7 – What the truck?

Episode 6 – News from Vous

Episode 5 – The OGs

Episode 4 with OnkelUrban

Episode 3 with Julian Buono

Episode 2 – Talking OldSchool

Episode 1 – A new … podcast

Episode 12 – Whatya Buyin?

Weeeell, we are baaack, back with the switchcraft. After we’ve been absent for a while we are back again. This time we discuss different part of setups and what to buy at what level, or better what to look for. Hartz IV Wheels Handjob Fingerboard Supply Wheels Gripskin 3D printed boards and Wood boards https://www.gripskin.store/


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