Episode 35 – Interview with Manu Oberle

This time I interviewed some who’s been a staple of the fingerboarding community for almost 20 years. We talked about Gripskin, prototyping, the forum days and baking bread.

Episode 33 – Interview with Burt from Five Luck

This one was a long time in the making. I finally managed to sit down with Burt from Five Luck. Deck maker extraordinaire and my Sponsor. We talked about living in the bush in the middle of nowhere in Canada, Making Decks in a verry low tech way, quality and also the occasional Lynx that walks by his Cabin.

Episode 31 – Interview with Angga Panda from Papanjari

This week I talked to Angga Panda, the man behind Papanjari, one of the Godfathers of the Indonesian FIngerboard community. We talked about getting TechDecks into Indonesia, the local scene and some of the companies from Indonesia

Episode 29 – Interview with Chris Hennemann from Harz4 Wheels

This time I talked to a very good friend of mine, and fellow ASI Shop local, Chris Hennemann. Chris has been in the scene for ages and decided to make wheels two years ago and has been on a journey of trial and error ever since.

Check the ASI Shop website to see if they have his wheels in stock.

We talked about a few Videos, so I’ve linked them below:

Episode 28 – Interview with Benny from Goodvibes FB

Benny is in charge of the fingerboard section at Goodvibes in Texas. Goodvibes combines RC Drifting and Fingerboarding in it’s walls and is one of the few Brick & Mortar Fingerboard Stores in the world.

Check out our conversation.

Episode 25 – Interview with Ramon Angelow

This one has been long overdue. We did an impromptu interview since I had a microphone with me at the shop. Sadly the room at the ASI Berlin Shop we recorded in had a bit of an echo. Please excuse the audio on this and the next episode. But it should be allright to listen to.